Bernard Cohen, 4–27 January

Michael Heizer, 31 January–24 February

Miquel Barceló, 28 February–24 March

Dan Flavin: Untitled (for Lucie Rie master potter), 28 February–24 March

John Chamberlain, 28 March–21 April

Peter Blake: In Homage to Marilyn Monroe, 28 March–21 April

Kim Lim, 25 April–19 May

Jean Dubuffet, 25 April–19 May

Barry Flanagan, 23 May–16 June

Lucas Samaras, 20 June–14 July

John Hoyland, 20 June–14 July

Francis Picabia, 5–29 September

Ian Davenport, 3–27 October

Meyer Vaisman, 1–24 November

Donald Sultan, 28 November–21 December

Ivon Hitchens, 28 November–21 December



Twentieth Century Works, 7 January–23 February

British Art from 1930, 27 February–23 March

Patrick Heron: Sydney Paintings and Gouaches 1989–1990, 27 March–20 April

Fiona Rae, 22 May–15 June

Mimmo Paladino: Il Respiro della Bellezza, 19 June–13 July

Five Artists: Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, David Hockney, Allen Jones, Joe Tilson, 28 August–21 September

William Turnbull: Recent Sculpture, 25 September–19 October

Abstraction, 23 October–16 November

Antoni Tàpies: Sculpture, 20 November–21 December



Joe Tilson: Works 1961–1991, 5–29 February

Michael Craig-Martin: Paintings, 4–28 March

Sculpture, 29 April–30 May

Henry Moore, 3 June–4 July

Patrick Heron: New Paintings 1988–1992, 2–26 September

Jack B. Yeats, 4–25 November

Sean Scully, 4 November–23 December



Ivon Hitchens: A Retrospective of Paintings, 3 March–3 April

Lisa Milroy, 7 April–1 May

Sean Scully: Heart of Darkness, 18 May–5 June

Ian Davenport, 9 June–3 July

Works on Paper and Sculpture, 8 September–2 October

Allen Jones, 6–30 October

Roger Hilton: Paintings, 3–28 November

Roger Hilton: Works on Paper, 3–28 November

Michael Craig-Martin: At Home, 23 November–18 December



John Piper: A Retrospective–Works from the Artist’s Studio, 12 January–5 February

Mimmo Paladino, 24 February–26 March

Antoni Tàpies: A Summer’s Work, 7 April–7 May

Jean Dubuffet: L’Hourloupe, 12 May–11 June

Frank Stella: Imaginary Places–New Work: Painting, Relief and Sculpture, 22 June–23 July

Carl Hopgood, 14 September–8 October

Barry Flanagan, 19 October–19 November

Sandro Chia: Recent Paintings, 23 November–17 December



Homage to Donald Judd: Colourist (1928–1994), 11 January–11 February

Paintings from the 60s and 70s: Peter Blake, Patrick Caulfield, Howard Hodgkin, 22 February–25 March

From Here, 29 March–29 April

Henry Moore: Sculpture from the 40s and 50s, 3 May–3 June

Sean Scully, 7 June–8 July

Mimmo Paladino: Cities, 12 July–5 August

Hans van Hoek, 19 September–14 October

Fiona Rae: New Paintings, 18 October–18 November

Of the Human Form, 22 November–22 December



Bridget Riley: Recent Paintings & Gouaches, 31 January–2 March

Julian Schnabel, 5 March–4 April

Josef Albers: Homages to the Square and Structural Constellations, 11 April–18 May

Milton Avery: Paintings and Watercolours, 22 May–15 June

Michael Landy: The Making of Scrapheap Services, 19 June–13 July

Ivon Hitchens, 19 June–13 July

Ian Davenport: New Paintings, 11 September–12 October

Antoni Tàpies: New Work, 18 October–16 November

Jack B. Yeats: Paintings and Works on Paper, 20 November–21 December



Zebedee Jones: New Paintings, 15 January–8 February

Michael Craig-Martin: Innocence and Experience, 12 February–8 March

Patrick Caulfield: New Paintings, 26 March–26 April

Ian Davenport, Michael Craig-Martin, Zebedee Jones, Michael Landy and Fiona Rae, 30 April–23 May

Picasso, Matisse: Works on Paper, 24 June–19 July

Jan Dibbets, 16 September–11 October

Mimmo Paladino: New Work, 21 November–23 December



Elegant Austerity, 18 February–14 March

Ivon Hitchens, Matthew Smith: Paintings, 6 April–1 May

Lisa Milroy: Paintings, 22 April–16 May

Patrick Heron: Gouaches, 7 May–6 June

Patrick Caulfield: Works on Board, 20 May–20 June

William Turnbull: Sculpture and Paintings, 24 June–18 July

Barry Flanagan, 16 September–10 October

Andy Warhol (After de Chirico), 14 October–14 November

Roger Hilton: Paintings and Works on Paper, 14 October–7 November

Craigie Aitchison, 12 November–19 December

Zebedee Jones: New Paintings, 18 November–12 December



Albers, Craig-Martin, Darboven, Davenport, Flanagan, Zebedee Jones, Judd, Milroy, Serra, Struth, Turnbull, 3 March–1 April

Jean Dubuffet: Last Paintings, 3 March–1 April

Peter Halley, 28 April–28 May

Patrick Heron, 2–26 June

Ben Nicholson: Reliefs, 7 September–2 October

Colour Sculptures: Britain in the Sixties, 6 October–6 November