Later Works by Jack B. Yeats, 6 March–3 April

House Exhibition, 17 April–10 May

Paintings by Paul Pouchol, 15 May–7 June

Alva: Recent Paintings, 3–28 June

Three Painters: Ivon Hitchens C.B.E., Jack B. Yeats, Roderic O’Conor and Colour Form & Line, July–August

Daryl Hill: Recent Paintings, Kenneth Mahood: Gouaches, September

Trevor Bell: Paintings, 2–25 October

Water-colour Paintings and Drawings of P. Hall and recent Paintings of Petley-Jones, November

Fusaro: recent paintings, Mervyn Peake: line drawings, 27 November–20 December



Peter de Francia: The Bombardment of Sakiet and other pictures, 15 January–7 February

Henri Hayden: Recent Paintings, 12 February–7 March

Bryan Wynter: Recent Paintings, 10 March–4 April

Alexander Mackenzie: Recent Paintings, 9 April–2 May

Four English Middle Generation Painters: Heron, Frost, Wynter, Hilton, 7–30 May

Elisabeth Frink: Sculpture and Drawings, 4–25 June

Kit Barker: Recent Paintings, 2–25 July

Larry Bigelow, 10 September–3 October

Kate Nicholson: Recent Paintings, 6–31 October

Trevor Bates: Recent Sculpture, 3–27 November

Leon Zack, December