Minna Citron: Paintings, 5–28 January

Trevor Bell: Recent Paintings, 2–27 February

Jankel Adler: Drawings, Watercolours, Gouache, 1–26 March

Hilary Heron: Sculpture, 29 March–28 April

Roger Hilton, 3–28 May

Ivon Hitchens: The Warnford Water Series and Five Other Paintings, June

Albert Tucker, 4–27 July

John Wells, September

Adam Tessier: Sculpture, 29 September–22 October

Aspects: Frost, Heath, Heron, Hilton, Scott, Vaughan, Wells, Wynter: An Exhibition of Various Media on Paper, 27 October–19 November

Patrick Heron, 22 November–17 December



Henri Hayden, 11 January–4 February

F. E. McWilliam, 9 February–4 March

Alexander Mackenzie, 7–29 March

Jack B. Yeats: Early Watercolours, 6–29 April

Denis Mitchell: Sculpture, 2–26 May

Terry Frost, June

Elisabeth Frink, 29 June–22 July

Jankel Adler, 5–30 September

Larry Bigelow, October

Kit Barker, November

Leon Zack, December



Six Painters: Hitchens, Hilton, Heron, Frost, Wells, Mackenzie, January

Trevor Bell, February

Watercolours: Yeats, Hayden, Feininger, March

Hilton, April

Italo Valenti, May

Ivon Hitchens: Summer Water and Other Paintings, June

Small Sculpture: Adams, Adam-Tessier, Dehner, Frink, Hepworth, McWilliam, July

Kate Nicholson, 28 August–22 September

Milton Avery, 25 September–20 October

Bryan Wynter, 25 October–17 November

Henri Hayden, 22 November–22 December



Roger Hilton, 3–26 January

Patrick Hall, 31 January–23 February

Patrick Heron, 28 February–23 March

Jack B. Yeats, 28 March–27 April

Alexander Mackenzie, 2–25 May

F. E. McWilliam, 28 May–22 June

Works on Paper: Avery, Bigelow, Diebenkorn, Feininger, Graves, 27 June–27 July

Paolozzi: New Works, 5–28 September

John Marin: Retrospective Exhibition of Watercolours, 3–26 October

Terry Frost, 31 October–23 November

Elisabeth Frink, 28 November–21 December



Trevor Bell, 7–30 January

Kit Barker, 6–29 February

Henri Hayden: Recent Gouaches, 3–28 March

Ivon Hitchens, 7 April–2 May

Hilary Heron, 7–30 May

Roger Hilton, 4–27 June

Italo Valenti, 30 June–25 July

John Wells, 1–26 September

Richard Diebenkorn, 29 September–24 October

Larry Bigelow: Recent Watercolours, 27 October–21 November

Patrick Heron, 24 November–19 December



Paul Wonner: Watercolours, 1963–1964, 7–30 January

Alfred Wallis, 2–27 February

Jack B. Yeats, 11 February–13 March

Milton Avery, 2–27 March

Robert Clatworthy, 30 March–24 April

Henri Hayden, 4–29 May

Frost, Heron, Hilton, Wynter, 1–26 June

Bryan Wynter, 29 June–24 July

Michael Bolus: Recent Sculptures, 7 September–2 October

Jack Bush, 5–30 October

Works on Paper, 2–27 November

Elisabeth Frink, 30 November–24 December



Works on Paper by Roger Hilton, January

Tim Scott: Recent Sculptures, 1–26 February

Henri Hayden, 1–26 March

David Annesley, 29 March–23 April

Milton Avery, 26 April–21 May

Ivon Hitchens, 24 May–25 June

F. E. McWilliam, 28 June–23 July

Isaac Witkin: Recent Sculpture, 6 September–1 October

Sartorius Family, 4–29 October

Kit Barker, 1–26 November

Terry Frost, 29 November–23 December



Richard Diebenkorn: Works on Paper, 12 January–4 February

Jack Bush, March

Works on Paper, 7 March–1 April

William Turnbull: Sculpture and paintings, 4–29 April

Patrick Heron: Recent paintings, 2–27 May

Henri Hayden, 6 June–1 July

Bryan Wynter, 31 August–23 September

Milton Avery: Middle Period Paintings 1935–1953, 26 September–28 October

John Hoyland, November

Elisabeth Frink: some recent sculptures, 28 November–21 December



Matthew Smith: A Loan Exhibition–Paintings From 1920–1950, 4–27 January

Patrick Hall: Watercolours, 30 January–24 February

Michael Bolus: Sculptures, March

Works on Paper, 26 March–27 April

Henri Hayden, 30 April–25 May

Ivon Hitchens: Figure theme, 28 May–29 June

Patrick Heron, 2–27 July

Isaac Witkin: Sculptures, 5–26 September

Milton Avery: Watercolours, 1–24 October

F. E. McWilliam: Sculpture, 29 October–23 November

David Annesley Sculpture, 26 November–21 December



Elisabeth Frink, 1–25 January

Michael Moon: Paintings, 29 January–22 February

Works on Paper, 25 February–22 March

Morris Louis: Paintings, 10 April–3 May

John Hoyland: Paintings, 14 May–6 June

Ivon Hitchens: Recent paintings, 10 June–5 July

House Exhibition, 8 July–31 August

Jack Bush: Paintings, 4–27 September

Terry Frost: Paintings, 4–29 November

Elisabeth Frink: Recent Work, 2–23 December

Tim Scott: Sculpture, 4–23 December

Robyn Denny: Prints 1961–1969, 4–23 December