Michael Bolus: Recent Sculpture, 12 January–7 February

Patrick Heron: Recent Paintings, 12 January–7 February

Picasso Drawings, 10 February–7 March

David Annesley, 12 February–7 March

Works on Paper, 10 March–4 April

William Turnbull: Sculpture 1967–68, 1957–67, 11 March–4 April

Fernand Léger, 8 April–9 May

John Hoyland: Paintings, 13 May–6 June

Morris Louis: Unfurled Paintings, 13 May–6 June

Kenneth Noland: New Paintings, 9 June–4 July

Hans Hofmann: Paintings, 9 June–4 July

Hans Hofmann: Watercolours, 10 July–4 August

Kenneth Martin: Recent Works, 6–31 October

Henri Hayden, 6–31 October

Sculpture, 17 November–12 December



F. E. McWilliam: Sculpture, 7–30 January

Michael Bolus: Recent Sculpture, 3–27 March

Nicholas Monro: Recent Sculpture and Prints, 31 March–24 April

Milton Avery: Paintings, 31 March–24 April

Tim Scott: Sculptures, 29 April–22 May

Ivon Hitchens: Recent Paintings, 27 May–26 June

John Hoyland: Recent Paintings, 30 June–24 July

Roger Hilton: Paintings and Drawings, 9 September–2 October

Léger, Picasso: Paintings and Drawings, 6–30 October

Jack Bush, 6–30 October

Terry Frost, 3–27 November

Patrick Caulfield, 1–23 December



Justin Knowles: Sculpture and Paintings, 12 January–5 February

André Masson: Paintings, 12 January–5 February

Michael Moon: Recent Paintings, 9 February–4 March

John Hoyland, Jules Olitski: Screenprints, 9 February–4 March

Fourteen Big Prints, 8–30 March

Morris Louis: Paintings, 6–29 April

Bernard Cohen: Recent Prints, 6–29 April

Jean Dubuffet, 7 June–8 July

Picasso: 347 Engravings, 13 September–7 October

Elisabeth Frink, 11 October–4 November

Ludwig Sander: Recent Paintings, 29 November–23 December

Peter Blake: Watercolours and Drawings, 5–23 December



Keith Vaughan: New Paintings, 7 February–3 March

Helen Frankenthaler: Paintings, 8–31 March

Jack B. Yeats: Watercolours and Drawings, 8–31 March

Patrick Caulfield, 17 April–12 May

Ivon Hitchens: Retrospective Exhibition, 16 May–9 June

Tim Scott: Sculpture, 13 June–7 July

Sculpture, 10 July–4 August

Kenneth Noland: New Paintings, 10 July–4 August

Alva: Paintings, 4–29 September

Milton Avery: Paintings, 18 September–13 October

William Tucker: Sculptures, 6–27 October

John Hoyland: Paintings, 18 October–10 November

F. E. McWilliam: Sculpture 1972–73, Women of Belfast, 31 October–24 November

Patrick Heron, 28 November–21 December



Derek Hyatt: Paintings, 16 January–19 February

Kenneth Martin: Paintings, 13 February–9 March

Jann Haworth, 19 March–11 April

Bernard Cohen, 23 April–18 May

Jack Bush, 21 May–15 June

Bryan Wynter: Kinetics, 1–26 October

Works on Paper, 1–26 October

Roger Hilton: Works on Paper, 29 October–23 November

Helen Frankenthaler: Paintings, 26 November–21 December



Robert Goodnough, 4–27 March

Robert Rauschenberg, 8 April–3 May

Patrick Heron: Paintings 1971–1975, 6–31 May

Jules Olitski: New Paintings, 3–28 June

Tim Scott: Sculpture 1974–75, 1–26 July

Michael Bolus: Sculptures, 30 September–25 October

David Inshaw: Paintings, Collages, Pastels and Drawings, 30 September–25 October

Jean Dubuffet: Paintings 1974, 28 October–22 November

John Hoyland: Paintings 1974–75, 28 October–22 November

Patrick Caulfield: Recent Paintings, 25 November–20 December



Jack Bush: Recent Paintings, 10 February–6 March

Keith Vaughan, 9 March–3 April

Peter Phillips: Recent Paintings, 9 March–3 April

Allen Jones, 6 April–1 May

Ben Nicholson, 4–28 May

Howard Hodgkin: New Paintings, 5–28 May

Ivon Hitchens: Recent Paintings, 3 June–3 July

William Turnbull: Paintings, 6–31 July

William Perehudoff: Recent Paintings, 7 September–2 October

John Hoyland: Paintings 1966–1969, 6–30 October

F. E. McWilliam: Recent Sculpture, 2–27 November

David Hockney: Drawings and Paintings (1960–65), 2–27 November

Inaugural Exhibition of the Waddington and Tooth Galleries, 30 November–22 December

Allen Jones: Work on Paper, 30 November–22 December

Elisabeth Frink: Recent Sculpture, 30 November–22 December



Tim Scott: Sculptures, 1–26 February

Derek Hyatt: Paintings, 1–26 February

Roger Hilton: Works from the Sixties and Seventies, 1–26 March

Bernard Cohen, 29 March–23 April

Jim Dine: Works on Paper 1975–76, 26 April–21 May

Peter Blake: Souvenirs and Samples, 26 April–21 May

Indian Paintings: from the 17th to the 19th Centuries, 24 May–25 June

Anthony Caro, 6 September–1 October

Robyn Denny: New Paintings / Recent Works on Paper, 4–29 October

Georges Noel: Paintings 1960–1963, 1–26 November

Patrick Heron: Gouaches 1970–1977, 29 November–23 December



Terry Frost, 10 January–4 February

Interfaces: Richard Hamilton and Dieter Roth, 7 February–4 March

Peter Kinley: Recent Paintings 1976–78, 7 March–1 April

Groups, 4–28 April

Adrian Berg, 4–26 May

Kenneth Martin: Recent Works, 1–24 June

William Turnbull: Drawings, 4–29 July

John Hoyland: Recent Paintings, 6–30 September

Ben Nicholson: Recent Paintings on Paper, 4–28 October

Michael Moon: Recent Works, 7 November–2 December

Indian Paintings, 5–22 December



Groups II, 9 January–3 February

Patrick Heron: Paintings 1950–55 and 1970–77, 6 February–3 March

Kenneth Noland: Recent Paintings, 6–31 March

Peter Blake, 3 April–1 May

F. E. McWilliam, 3 April–1 May

Morris Louis: Paintings, 3–26 May

Jan Groover: Recent Photographs, 31 May–23 June

Patrick Caulfield: Recent Paintings, 30 June–28 July

Henry Moore: Drawings and Watercolours 1927–1959, 3–28 July

Understanding Prints, 4–29 September

Gordon House: Paintings, 2–27 October

Bernard Cohen: Recent Paintings, 30 October–24 November

Joe Tilson: Recent Works, 27 November–21 December