M (Michael Chow)

Publisher: Waddington Custot
ISBN: 978-1-7393005-2-2
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 8 mm
M (Michael Chow): Bridges
£ 25.00

Published alongside M’s 2022  exhibition, ‘BRIDGES’, at Waddington Custot, this catalogue debuts new multi-dimensional paintings by the artist. The gallery’s association with M goes back to the late-1950s when M was a young artist in swinging London, with his last exhibition here in 1964 at the Institute Contemporary Art. Now, 58 years later, Waddington Custot is delighted to square the circle by showing M’s life-affirming art in London once again. 


The publication includes a wide-ranging 2022 interview with M by Tim Marlow, Director of the Design Museum, London, and reprints a 1962 discussion with noted architect Kenneth Frampton. An illustrated biography illuminates M’s journey from the world of Chinese opera in Beijing and Shanghai in the 1940s , through London’s swinging 1960s art scene, to New York in the 1980s and LA in the 2000s.