Bernar Venet

Softback 160 pages
Publisher: Phaidon
ISBN: 9780714877617
Dimensions: 290 × 250 mm
Bernar Venet
£ 35.00

Phaidon’s monograph on the work of celebrated French conceptual artist and sculptor Bernar Venet accompanies the exhibition ‘Hypotheses’ at Waddington Custot, London.


Having emerged from the late 1960s avant-garde scene in New York, Venet developed a personal aesthetic based on an innovative use of mathematics and science, where control, chance and chaos converge to form a fine equilibrium. Conversant in many media, Venet is mostly known for his monumental outdoor sculptures in major cities worldwide. In autumn 2019 his Arc Majeur was inaugurated in Belgium; at almost 200 feet in height (60 metres), this sculpture is taller than New York’s Statue of Liberty.