'Peter Blake: Under Milk Wood' poster

Under Milk Wood: Nude with bees, 1985-2013
Publisher: Waddington Custot
Dimensions: 420 x 594 mm
'Peter Blake: Under Milk Wood' poster: Under Milk Wood: Nude with bees, 1985-2013
£ 10.00
Exhibition poster for Peter Blake: Under Milk Wood, a play by Dylan Thomas, 11 June–23 July 2022.

A series of over 170 watercolours, collages and drawings by Sir Peter Blake illustrating Dylan Thomas's landmark 1953 ‘play for voices’, Under Milk Wood. The series was exhibited by Waddington Custot in a dedicated exhibition space opposite the main gallery at 22 Cork Street, London. The series had never before been shown outside of Wales, and this exhibition debuted a number of new works shown for the first time, as Blake has continued to work on the series.