Institutional Exhibitions
June 17 2013

Klee - Melotti

Museo d'Arte Lugano, Switzerland

22 years and 300 kilometres separates them.
Both artists. One a painter, the other a sculptor. Both were lovers of nature, music, animals: both just as comfortable observing a cat, a flower or an insect as reflecting on the cosmic meaning of art.
One was the Swiss German painter Paul Klee (1879-1940) the other Italian sculptor Fausto Melotti (1901-1986). From March 17 to June 30 the two artist will be meeting posthumously in Lugano's Museo d'Arte through an exhibition of their works featuring more than seventy paintings, watercolours and drawings by Klee and eighty sculptures by Melotti.
The exhibition takes us a through an itinerary of shared themes and reveals their affinities: the colours, the rhythmic or geometric design of Klee's paintings seem to find their three dimensional embodiment in Melotti's sculptures. In their youth both artists were passionately fond of music and the cadences, rhythm and melodies of music offer a hidden key to interpreting the exhibition.