Institutional Exhibitions
9 October 2021

Fabienne Verdier at Kunsthaus Zürich

Verdier's painting 'L'Un' included in rooms dedicated to Hubert Looser's collection

A newly extended Kunsthaus Zürich opens 9 October 2021, with an extension designed by David Chipperfield Architects transforming the ensemble into the largest art museum in Switzerland.


Kunsthaus Zürich opens with three rooms dedicated to Swiss entrepreneur Hubert Looser's outstanding collection of contemporary art. ⁠Room III, which focusses on Figure and Line, includes Fabienne Verdier’s Abstract Expressionist painting L’Un (2007), which pays homage to Twombly’s radiant white sculpture Untitled (1987). Using a singular gesture of the brush, Verdier engages with the vertical axis of the three-dimensional and vegetal-anthropomorphic work.⁠


In the Chipperfield building the focus will be on art from the 1960s onwards,
emphasising its wide-ranging significance and networks of relationships. The
curatorial concept highlights parallel techniques within discrete epochs of artistic production, and the interactions between genres from painting, prints and drawings, and sculpture to photography and new media. Verdier's work is shown together with those by Richard Serra, John Chamberlain, Willem de Kooning, David Smith and Pablo Picasso among others. ⁠