September 2014

Landon Metz chosen to be first artist in residence at the ADN Collection

In Bolzano, Italy

The ADN Collection presents its first artist residency in Bolzano. The organisation reveals that every year a young artist will be invited to live and work on the premises of the Collection. Through this initiative, Antonio Dalle Nogare intends to come into contact with a younger generation of artists and with their new creative practices. Landon Metz has been selected for the first year of residency, curated by Eva Brioschi.


Metz's practice revolves around the activity of painting and the artist has garnered critical attention for his ability to imbue a spare language of abstraction with visual dynamism and movement. His paintings have the capacity to expand and deal with space serially, while being site-responsive rather than site-specific. Metz’s painting practice is marked by great sensitivity to site and scale and increasingly incorporates performance and sculptural approaches to activate space. at ADN, his aim to respond to the particular setting and architecture features of the unique space. 


The Antonio Dalle Nogare Collection was founded in Bolzano in the 1980s. Initially concentrating on modern art, the main focus of the Collection is now primarily on contemporary works, and especially those related to conceptual and post-conceptual art. Walter Angonese and Andrea Marastoni are the two architects responsible for designing the building and there is no doubt that they have succeeded in achieving their goal of making this new construction fully a part of its surrounding landscape. Every detail has been meticulously devised to create the perfect environment for the display and conservation of art. The aim of the Collection is to allow art lovers to come together and discuss contemporary art, assisted by initiatives that include an artist residency, a curated project room, and book presentations, as well as the display of new acquisitions.