7 October 2020–4 January 2021

Alice Anderson | Prix Marcel Duchamp 2020 The Nominees

Centre Pompidou, Paris

As one of the four nominees of the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2020, considered one of the most prestigious art awards in France, Alice Anderson’s work will be featured at Centre Pompidou, Paris, from 7 October alongside artists Hicham Berrada, Kapwani Kiwanga and Enrique Ramírez.


In partnership between ADIAF and the Centre Pompidou since 2000, this year the prize celebrates its 20th anniversary as it continues to recognise the most emblematic artists of the moment.


Anderson’s work is performative; her sculptures and paintings result from dance-performances sharing an hybridation of two universes: the world of technology and the spiritual world.


Recent studies on movement led her research to the Kogi culture in the heart of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia where observation of 'the rituality of gestures' and their ancestral practices fed her reflection on the place of the human in contemporary digital societies.


Anderson’s new work will be displayed at Centre Pompidou alongside live performances from 7 October 2020 until 4 January 2021.