October 6 2020

Lord Mayor of Westminster visits 'Fabienne Verdier: Vortex'

The Lord Mayor of Westminster was treated to a preview viewing of 'Fabienne Verdier: Vortex' at Waddington Custot.


Waddington Custot Senior Director Jacob Twyford, gave the Lord Mayor a tour of the exhibition which is now open at the gallery's Cork St space. 


⁠'Fabienne Verdier: Vortex', debuts a new collection of the artist’s monumental works, which have been directly influenced by and painted in response to opera following Verdier’s time as the first artist-in-residence at New York’s prestigious Juilliard School. The paintings are characterised by a single large, whirling helix, which dominates the composition and echoes the ascendant scaling sound of an aria. ⁠

'Fabienne Verdier: Vortex' runs at Waddington Custot from

6 October – 17 November 2020.⁠