1–31 October 2020

Mayfair Sculpture Trail opens today

Waddington Custot participates in the new outdoor initiative with three sculptures by David Annesley, Pablo Reinoso and Barry Flanagan, on and around Cork Street

For one month from 1 October, Mayfair Sculpture Trail sees a collection of artworks installed on the streets of Mayfair for the public to explore. Waddington Custot presents monumental sculptures by David Annesley, Barry Flanagan and Pablo Reinoso.


Pablo Reinoso’s Simple Talk, situated on New Bond Street, forms part of the artist’s iconic Spaghetti Bench series, which propelled him to international renown. Further works by the Franco-Argentine artist can be explored here, in Waddington Custot’s digital exhibition series which is open now.


David Annesley’s recent work Lift Going Up, Lift Going Down comprises geometric components created in wafer thin painted aluminium, which reveal and conceal planes of bright colour as the viewer moves around the work, in a lively exploration of the dynamics between colour, space and form. The work is located on the crossing of Cork Street with Burlington Gardens.


Also located on Cork Street, Barry Flanagan’s Large Troubador features one of the sculptor’s signature hares, captured in the pensive pose of Rodin’s The Thinker. Here, Flanagan also references Rodin’s technique of leaving the sculptor’s thumbprint exposed in the bronze, enhancing the immediacy and intimacy of the work. 


Mayfair Sculpture Trail is accessible via SMARTIFY, which includes audio commentary alongside detailed information on each artwork. Download the app here.