May 6 2020

Waddington Custot takes part in first Frieze Viewing Room

Waddington Custot participates in the inaugural edition of Frieze Viewing Room, a new digital initiative launched on the occasion of Frieze New York.


A VIP Preview of the Waddington Custot viewing room takes place across Frieze from 6–7 May. Access to explore Frieze Viewing Room is free and open to all from 8–15 May, pre-register here.


You can preview our presentation now on our new Viewing Room page. 


The presentation traces an arc of the development of Pop Art, starting with Robert Rauschenberg, moving from American painters John Wesley and Allan D’Arcangelo, to renowned British Pop Artist Peter Blake, concluding with Michael Craig-Martin, an artist of the subsequent generation.


We also draw attention to artists who focus on the importance of materiality. Despite their differing aesthetics, the paintings of contemporary artists Ian Davenport and Fabienne Verdier, and work by modern master Pierre Soulages, centre on the application of paint, the physicality of this process and its resulting outcome. Similarly, form and shape are integral to sculptures on show by David Annesley, John Chamberlain and Bernar Venet, whose works balance industrial materials, including rolled and stainless steel, to create structures that appear weightless, with a sense of fluidity.