January 22 2020

Record visitor figures for Fabienne Verdier

The exhibition "Fabienne Verdier, sur les terres de Cézanne",  held across four locations in Aix-en-Provence saw an astonishing amount of visitors, totalling 143,499. Inspired by Sainte-Victoire and the surrounding landscape, immortalised through the work of Cézanne, the concurrent exhibitions were held at the Musée Granet, the Musée du Pavillon de Vendôme, the Cité du livre, Galerie Zola and Prieuré de Sainte-Victoire, culminating in a vivid and striking exploration into the facets of Verdier’s new work and practice.


The inaugural exhibition at Musée Granet, Aix-en-Provence, presented Verdier’s first museum retrospective and was an overwhelming triumph with over 115,000 visitors. The retrospective at Musée Granet not only garnered a huge international audience, but equally saw the dynamic incorporation of multiple cultural events and institutions from Aix-en-Provence and the Pays d'Aix. The Musée du Pavillon de Vendôme set out to portray the artist’s creative process, displaying—amongst drawings and gouache works inspired by Sainte-Victoire—the brushes Verdier makes and utilises, her “nomadic workshop” that allows her to work outside in nature, and a film exploring the complexities of her artistic process. This personal and explorative presentation has been acknowledged as the best use of the Vendôme pavilion since its opening as a museum, with the highest-amount of visitors, 17,323; among them over one thousand school children.


The overwhelmingly positive response and the huge participation of visitors in events led the Musée Granet to extend their retrospective until 5th January 2020 and increase the show with three additional rooms with nearly 20 supplementary works.