Wednesday 27 November

David Annesley celebrated at Locket's

Smithson Plaza installation in St James's

On Wednesday 27 November, a group of key architects, artists, editors and journalists came together to celebrate the three works of David Annesley on the Smithson Plaza in St James's. 


Annesley’s three works selected for display - Godroon, 1966; Untitled, 1969 and Untitled, 1969 - capture a revolutionary approach to sculpture-making in the 1960’s and date from a similar period to Alison and Peter Smithson’s plaza, originally completed in 1964. Casts of two of the three sculptures on display in Smithson Plaza are a part of the Tate Collection, including an edition of Godroon currently on display at the newly reopened Tate St Ives in Cornwall. Created in wafer-thin painted aluminium and painted steel, the works combine symmetrical elements with a sensitively balanced colour palette. They convey a sense of weightlessness enveloping the surrounding space outlined by their linear forms. With these open-form metal sculptures, Annesley draws upon his experience flying as an RAF pilot. 


The celebration was held at Locket’s, a new 1300 sq.ft beautifully designed café and wine bar space, with an intrinsically 1960s vibe, set at the ground level of the Smithson Tower.