Past exhibition

William Turnbull

Horses–Development of a Theme, Other Sculptures and Paintings
22 June–20 July 2001

Waddington Galleries is pleased to present an exhibition of sculptures and paintings by William Turnbull. On show will be a selection of bronze Horse sculptures, dating from 1946 to 2000 as well as these will be other sculptures and paintings that have not been previously exhibited.


Turnbull has consistently re-worked the theme of Horse throughout his career, in his own words: ‘It is very interesting to see the possibility of enormous variation. It is not necessary to take a new theme, but to transpose something.’ Horse, 1946 was one of Turnbull’s first sculptures. Other sculptures such as Metamorphic Venus 3, 1982 point to Turnbull’s concern with reducing a form to its essence, ‘I respond to sculpture which is very holistic, very simple, and acts from a core outwards’.


In the paintings Turnbull’s use of colour is pared down and many of the paintings exhibited are monochrome. The surfaces of these paintings are defined by a ground of colour and textured with all-over brush and palette knife marks.

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