Past exhibition

Fausto Melotti

Sculptures and Works on Paper from 1955 to 1983
24 May–17 June 2006

Waddington Galleries are pleased to announce the first UK solo exhibition of works by the Italian artist, Fausto Melotti. The exhibition will demonstrate the varied scale and materials used by the artist, from small ceramics to monumental brass sculptures such as ‘Kitsch Sunset’, 1977, which stands over two metres high.

Several of the works in the exhibition have musical terms, ‘Three-time Quartet’ and ‘Counterpoint’, the compositional art of combining two or more simultaneous melodic lines. In ‘Counterpoint VII’, 1971, this musical term is given a sculptural dimension. The trajectories within each of the four cubicles are self-contained but share an overall harmonic structure. In ‘Untitled’, 1976, a mixture of nature, geometry and music is delicately expressed in brass. The outer structure consists of two branches of regularly spaced circles set like annotated notes on a grid, whilst the inner leaf stems curl into roots of a musical clef.

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Installation views