Past exhibition

Ian Davenport

Poured Lines
29 January–23 February 2008

Waddington Galleries are pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings by Ian Davenport. These eleven paintings, all completed in 2007 and all of water-based paint on aluminium, continue Davenport’s exploration with the essence of paint – its fluidity and colour.

Working through initial colour combinations drawn on a computer and citing such catholic stimulus as car bonnets, The Simpsons cartoon and Piero Della Francesca, the paintings demonstrate Davenport’s confident use of effervesant multiple colours. Our urban spaces are constructed on plumb-lines and works such as ‘Poured Lines: Ultramarine Light’ use the vivid manufactured pigments of city life compressed together on a vertical axis, each colour seemingly receding or advancing across the vibrant blue ground.

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