Past exhibition

Converging Horizons

Etel Adnan, Sheila Hicks and Sophia Vari
19 October–6 November 2021

Waddington Custot is pleased to announce Converging Horizons, an exhibition in Paris hosted by Clavé Fine Art, recently redesigned as an exhibition space by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. Converging Horizons is presented during FIAC 2021 as an off-site exhibition. 


Converging Horizons focuses on sculpture, painting and textile art by three celebrated artists who have broken new ground and established new modes of thinking and of expression: Etel Adnan, Sheila Hicks and Sophia Vari. Curators Laurence Custot and Isaure Bouriez selected these three artists as important innovators. During these months of restricted freedom and psychic tension, these artists continue to find creative ways to make work which helps us as viewers to discover, dream and travel through beauty and explore some answers to the human quest of meaning. 


Adnan, Hicks and Vari, three artists of the same generation, reached artistic maturity around the same time. Each has travelled the world extensively and has drawn special influence from those travels to develop their own unique language of abstraction, with radically different results in a range of media. Between them, these three artists have spent decades crossing the globe, and yet all three have returned to keep a studio in the French capital, Paris. The site of the exhibition on rue Roger, is itself rich with history, originally serving at the studio of celebrated artist César. 


Co-curator of the exhibition, Laurence Custot, said: 

“The world is changing fast, and the current global context highlights this shift in a brutal way; every one of us has been forced toward a new vision of how things will be, and we have been made to think outside of our normal parameters. Artists are by essence pathfinders, and now more than ever, we can learn from their resilience and innovation. All of the artists shown here are inspirational for their endless innovation.” 


Co-curator Isaure Bouriez said: 

“Etel Adnan, Sheila Hicks and Sophia Vari, while they have travelled widely throughout their lives, all share a special attachment with the city of Paris. To host this exhibition in a space which was once itself an artist studio is very fitting and highlights the importance of this city to artists past and present.”

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