Past exhibition

Table Pieces

An intimate collection of sculptures
26 July–9 August 2021

Waddington Custot presents Table Pieces, a digital exhibition dedicated to an intimate collection of sculptural pieces by eight celebrated artists: Alma Allen, César, Barry Flanagan, Fausto Melotti, Joan Miró, Beverly Pepper, Pablo Reinoso and Antoni Tàpies.


While renowned sculptors often rise to prominence with large-scale – sometimes monumental – pieces, many also work on an altogether more human measure. This digital presentation includes a variety of intriguing small-scale sculptures, from pieces that deliberately engage with human proportions designed for domestic settings, to hand-made models and maquettes that respond to larger sculptures, often giving rise to new ones.


Many of the works have component parts such as handles, or curves and indentations, of which the size is recognisably intended to fit into the human hand or to create a dialogue with the body. These sculptures not only retain, but condense to great effect, the ambition, concept and scope of the artists’ larger scale work.

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  • Joan Miró, Fillette / Young Girl, 1967 Joan Miró, Fillette / Young Girl, 1967 bronze 14 5/8 x 5 1/8 x 4 3/4 in 37 x 13 x 12 cm
  • Barry Flanagan, Pilgrim on Anvil , 1984 Barry Flanagan, Pilgrim on Anvil , 1984 bronze 29 1/4 x 14 x 8 7/8 in 74.3 x 35.6 x 22.5 cm
  • Beverly Pepper, Untitled #2, 1962 Beverly Pepper, Untitled #2, 1962 brass 7 1/8 x 19 1/2 x 7 3/8 in 18.1 x 49.5 x 18.7 cm

Installation views