Current exhibition


An online platform debuting painting and sculpture by leading contemporary artists working today
26 May–14 August 2020

Waddington Custot launches NEW WORK, an online platform debuting painting and sculpture by leading contemporary artists working today.


NEW WORK: Ian Davenport, the first iteration of the digital solo exhibition series, is now open to explore online.


The exhibition includes four recent 'Puddle Paintings' by Davenport, which continue the artist's celebrated exploration of colour. Central to Davenport's practice is his choice of palette and unconventional methods in his application of paint. The colour combinations in this series directly reference paintings by French artist Pierre Bonnard. Davenport explores Bonnard's continually shifting colour palette, choreographing complex colour variations between yellow, grey, purple and blue.


NEW WORK: Ian Davenport will be followed by NEW WORK: David Annesley, featuring four unseen sculptures by the octogenarian artist, who has recently returned to making work after a long hiatus. Annesley's first solo exhibition was held at the Waddington Galleries over fifty years ago, in 1966.


Produced and programmed in response to an unusual set of global circumstances, NEW WORK does not adhere to a central theme, allowing each artist to pursue their projects and preoccupations without restriction. This approach takes into consideration the need for artists to adapt and reconfigure their established processes, transforming perceived limitations into creative opportunities.


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