Institutional Exhibitions
May 17 2023

Pablo Reinoso at the Kunstmuseum den Haag, Netherlands

The Kunstmuseum den Haag, Netherlands is showing a new open air exhibition of sculpture by Pablo Reinoso, on view until 12 November, 2023.

Sculptures from the artist’s iconic Garabatos and Spaghetti Benches series feature prominently in the garden, including a set of Harmony Chairs and two new Spaghetti Benches titled Talk Left and Talk Right (2023), installed by the Kunstmuseum’s lake and created specifically for the occasion. Chosen for their strong potential for social interaction, these sculptures exemplify the social dimension of Pablo Reinoso’s work, inviting visitors to meet and connect.

From June until October, the artist’s Retour végétal (2015) will also be presented in the Kunstmuseum’s Hall of Honour, creating a formal and conceptual connection between the indoors and the outdoors. In the era of deforestation and climate change, the sculpture’s overflowing wooden slats communicate a sense of urgency, pointing to the necessity of rethinking our collective modes of existence and of reconfiguring our relationship to the natural world.

Together with the sculptures presented outdoors, Retour végétal exemplifies the logics of expansion, exuberance and reproduction that underlie the artist’s Garabatos and Spaghetti Benches series. As such, these works encourage visitors to delve into other forms of appropriation, to actively engage with the conceptual subtext underpinning their organic forms.


A set of similar benches, Balade Chambord (droite et gauche), 2022 have also been installed at the Saint-Thomas site at the Campus Sciences Po in Paris. They were unveiled in the presence of François Hollande at a ceremony on 5 June.