Institutional Exhibitions
14 Oct 2021 – 26 June 2022

PAMM opens Jedd Novatt: Monotypes and More

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is holding a solo exhibition dedicated to the work of American artist Jedd  Novatt. As described by PAMM:


'Jedd Novatt is an artist who has created and continues to define a language of art making informed equally by histories of sculpture and the dynamism of the contemporary moment.  He is known for welded sculptures of seemingly incongruous cubes teetering on top of each other. Comprised of cubes with exposed voids  Novatt’s  sculptures are as much about line and drawing in space as they are about occupying space with mass.  Known for working in monumental scale, often outdoors, his works are also defined by their placement in the landscape and hence connection to the public. PAMM is home to two of these sculptures, Chaos Bizkaia (2012) and Chaos SAS (2013).  


Jedd  Novatt: Monotypes and More, on the other hand, is comprised of small-scale sculptures that inform  Novatt’s  two-dimensional works on paper and his relationship to drawing. Displayed within a gallery with a window that looks down upon Chaos SAS, this is an unparalleled opportunity to capture the breadth of  Novatt’s  work in two and three dimensions, creating conversations  between objects in and outside the museum. '