Friday 29 November 2019

Phaidon X Waddington Custot

Vieira da Silva features in Great Women Artists

Our solo exhibition of the Portuguese painter Maria Helena Vieira da Silva will open at the gallery on 11 Cork Street on Friday 29 November, 6–9pm. From 6.30pm we will have a special in-conversation on Vieira da Silva in context, curated in collaboration with Phaidon.


Hettie Judah will chair a conversation between Barbican Centre curator Eleanor Nairne, and Phaidon's own Catalina Imizcoz, around Maria Helena Vieira da Silva's work in context - with her contemporaries and as a woman artist creating work and breaking boundaries in the twentieth century. We will be selling copies of our exhibition catalogue and Phaidon's new tome Great Women Artists. 


Join us to celebrate the exhibition and this important new volume.